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Country Cat

Portland Food Adventures started its 5th year with dinner at Adam and Jackie Sappington’s Country Cat, in their private dining spot – the Calico Room. Country Cat has become a staple of the east Mount Tabor neighborhood, and is often busy for both brunch and dinner services. 

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PFA - Le Pigeon

Last Sunday night brought a very special double seating of Portland Food Adventures at Le Pigeon, a longtime staple of Portland fine dining, headed by Chef Gabriel Rucker. With one seating at 5pm and one at 8pm, I showed up near the end of the first seating to catch some of the adventurers finishing up the last of six courses served tonight.

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Didner Bar Mitzvah

So I thought I'd start using this blog as a place to upload my latest photo endeavors. Here are some pictures from the Didner Bar Mitzvah I shot the other weekend. I took almost 2000 pictures, narrowed it down to 250 for them, and now just a few of my favorites on here.

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