Didner Bar Mitzvah


So I thought I'd start using this blog as a place to upload my latest photo endeavors. Here are some pictures from the Didner Bar Mitzvah I shot the other weekend. I took almost 2000 pictures, narrowed it down to 250 for them, and now just a few of my favorites on here. Large event photography like this sure is interesting! There's so much going on, I was constantly floating around to make sure I wouldn't miss anything. But the family loved them, it was great to sit down with them and do a slideshow of all the pictures, they were all laughing and getting excited, they even clapped for me at the end. Quite a feisty group there!

It's interesting doing events because I feel like 'artistically' these photos weren't my favorite, and it didn't help having a bunk flash. But what really mattered was capturing the moment and that's what my client was thrilled about. All of my more 'artistic' shots would not have gone over well. I think next time I need to figure out the perfect lighting solution. The nice guy at Pro Photo Supply said that's what really makes a $500 event look like $5,000.

It's also important to remember that clients really don't care about how great the picture is, as long as they look good in it. I spend a lot of time cleaning people up (simple things like if they get something on their shirt, or have a really obvious blemish, hair is out of place, etc) so that they won't write off an otherwise great picture because they 'look bad'. I really hope to do some more events in the future! I made a few good connections at this place and had offers to do a few events in the summer. Hopefully this will be a good stepping stone for me!