North Willamette Vintners Wine Trail

I had a great opportunity to get a sponsored visit for me and my partner in crime, Anna, to go check out the North Willamette Vintners Wine Trail the other weekend. As a novice to the world of wine, but enthusiast for all things involving free booze and food for me to photograph, I definitely jumped on this gig. We ended up hitting 6 different wineries, all around the Forest Grove/Hwy 47 area. The only downside being the extremely Portland-y weather; it was dreary and raining the whole time, and as it's still early spring the vineyards weren't in bloom. I enjoyed getting to talk to the owners of these various wineries, hearing their stories and trying so many different types of wine. A lot of the pairings were fantastic, I loved the variety of cheeses we got to sample. I can never resist a good chèvre! I must admit my palette is not that sophisticated, but I could tell from how smooth and flavor filled these wines were that we were getting high quality. Anna mentioned getting to try a glass of $200+ Pinot Noir, not something those of us on a college student budget will likely be repeating any time soon! Here are some of my favorite pictures. 

I like recapping the different experiences that come with every photo shoot. This one was interesting because I was basically given a list of types of shots they were looking for, and a big one was candid shots of people enjoying the fest. The day we went was apparently not as populated as the first day, and with the weather being so gloomy I think that hindered numbers a bit. It took us a few tries before we found a winery with a good crowd.

Until next time, cheers!