Philly's Phunkestra


Last week I had the pleasure of shooting one of Portland's hottest funk ensembles for First Thursday, Philly's Phunkestra. It didn't take long for the underground dance floor at the Goodfoot to turn into a hot mess of dancing and drinking. A good lesson in how to deal with a rowdy crowd when you're carrying very expensive equipment. But all in all the whole night was rocking and it was a lot of fun snapping pics of the Phunkestra crew. Another band, Pocket, opened for them and came back for a big jam session at the end. Not a bad night! Here's some of my favorite pics. 

Also I am getting much better at the art of taking decent pics in next to no light conditions. If I only had a full frame sensor camera body they would really pop. All in good time.

Stay tuned next week for my second installment with Portland Food Adventures, as we take on Departure with Gregory Gourdet in their private dining room. Beautiful views of Portland are sure to come. Baller status!